Clarified Data Solutions

Turning the Chaos of your Small Business into Efficient, Streamlined, Time & Money-Saving


Lana Pieczynski has a total of over 25 years of database experience with 10 years of Oracle Database Administration and an additional 9 years of database programming experience. Her work with providing database solutions for specific needs within large companies as well as data cleansing and management roles, has led her to see the value in providing customized database solutions for small business needs.

Lana created Clarified Data Solutions in order to facilitate small business owners in their endeavor to streamline their data processes without having to buy more software than they need and to avoid being stuck with an overpriced out-of-the box solution that does not truly fit their daily operations. This web-based, customized, targeted, affordable solution will also come with one-on-one personal service and a commitment to producing a viable, efficient, truly value-added product.

Lana has her BA in Computer Information Systems from Catawba College in Salisbury, NC (1992) which included a mix of computer technology and solid business disciplines. Lana has experience working with the spectrum of business industries including small and large firms as well as individuals.

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